Who Am I?

Behind the glass

Now that I have finally stopped crying on a daily basis, I have had some time to evaluate myself as a person. When that moment of “he is breaking up with me…this is really happening…this is it” hit, I felt like the most worthless human being on the planet. Continue reading




It is clear to me that I have relapsed. This is my first significant period of relapse since beginning recovery. I cannot stop binging. Continue reading

Post-Vacation Thoughts

At the Beach

At the Beach

After staying in a beautiful tropical paradise for a week, I feel renewed and calmer. I had a great time in the Dominican Republic, and I came back with a lovely tan and no major illnesses. I also learned many new things that could impact my relationship with food in the future. Continue reading

Getting Help is Scary Business


I was scared to try counselling. What if it didn’t work? What would I do then? What would they say to me? What would they think of me? What would they make me do? What would they make me say? What would my classmates, friends, and family think of me if they found out? What if it made my binging worse?

The idea of bringing up the past and facing how much I’ve managed to screw up my life made me want to curl up into the fetal position and cry. Where would I even start? My issues with eating date back to the 5th grade. It felt like opening up the most horrible, ugly, maddening, why-won’t-it-go-away-and-why-does-it-smell-so-bad can of worms.

Just remember that your life is worth it. Your life is worth saving. Continue reading

“I Don’t Have Time”


Making the decision to seek counselling was very difficult for me – in my mind, it meant admitting failure, admitting that I couldn’t solve my own problems, admitting that there was something “wrong” with me, admitting that I wasn’t strong-willed enough to stop binging, and so forth. So over and over again, I told myself that I didn’t have time.

Spare time truly is scarce in law school, with readings, papers, CAN-ning, and extracurricular activities or part-time work taking up the bulk of your time. What precious little time is left usually goes toward being with your significant other, friends, or family. But the fact of the matter is that if you have time to binge, then you have time to go to counselling. Continue reading