It is clear to me that I have relapsed. This is my first significant period of relapse since beginning recovery. I cannot stop binging. Continue reading


HLx2 Challenge: Week 3


I almost knew this would happen. I consider my challenge to be over. I was doing really well this week, and then on Thursday, I got really sick. I had a sore throat from hell, a nose like a dripping faucet, a pulsating headache, and no energy whatsoever. I was coughing violently, with my chest heaving and my whole body convulsing, every other minute. Continue reading

Post-Vacation Thoughts

At the Beach

At the Beach

After staying in a beautiful tropical paradise for a week, I feel renewed and calmer. I had a great time in the Dominican Republic, and I came back with a lovely tan and no major illnesses. I also learned many new things that could impact my relationship with food in the future. Continue reading

The Cinnamon Bun War


When I woke up on Tuesday, I only had one thing on my mind: cinnamon buns with cream cheese frosting. I was having an enormous craving that was rapidly spiralling into an out-of-control urge to binge. The whole time I was getting ready for work, all I could think about was cinnamon buns…cinnamon buns…cinnamon buns. Continue reading