HLx2 Challenge: Week 2


It’s the end of the 2nd week of my Healthy Life – Happy Life Challenge. I hugely improved over last week, but did I meet my two goals?

Yes and kind of. In terms of my fitness goal (four 30-minute workouts a week), I met my goal once again! I’m still surprised that I’ve been able to commit to it. Going to the gym wasn’t as painful this week either. There were definitely days when my motivation level going in was way below zero, but once I started my workout, it didn’t feel as though I would never finish. I still don’t enjoy exercising, but right now I don’t feel as negatively about it.

As for my food goal (1,800 calories a day when averaged over the entire month), I first have some explaining to do. I spoke too soon at the end of last week because I unfortunately had a late night mini binge on the last day of last week. In order to still make my goal, I needed to reduce my average calories per day to around 1,717 for the rest of the month.

This week, I ate an average of 1,750 calories/day. So I met my original target, but not my revised target. I like that I substantially improved over last week, but failing to meet my revised goal this week makes the next two weeks even more difficult. However, my ultimate objective is to do as well as possible, so if I am reasonably close to my food goal at the end of the month, then I will still consider that a job well done.

I weighed myself this morning out of curiosity. I’ve gained three pounds since my weigh-in at the beginning of my challenge, which is just baffling to me. If I’m eating a bit less than before and exercising a bit more, how is that possible? I keep a highly accurate food diary, so I’m certain that I’m not underestimating my calories. I guess I shouldn’t be all that surprised though since my weight hasn’t cooperated with my recovery at all so far. There could also be a whole host of random explanations, like excess water or muscle inflammation or what have you, but constantly gaining weight is still frustrating nonetheless.

More importantly though, do I feel happier? Well, you wouldn’t mistake me for one of those grinning, bouncy women in aerobics videos, but I do feel better now on a day-to-day basis. Being healthier hasn’t made me impermeable to everyday stresses, bad luck, and things that just plain suck, but it feels really good to know that I am taking back control of my life and trying to make a positive difference in my health. I am in control of my own happiness.


10 thoughts on “HLx2 Challenge: Week 2

  1. Well first of all, a huge congrats on meeting your goals (or at least pretty dang close to meeting them!) I think you did an absolutely great job! I’m sorry to hear that your weight hasn’t changed the way you were hoping or expecting, but if I recall correctly from a previous post of yours that I read, you said that it takes a while for the body to eventually start losing weight because it’s so used to gaining, and gaining quickly. My guess is that it’s just going to take your body a little bit longer to get used to eating less and exercising and eventually it will balance out. You’re gaining now, but maybe at a much less rate than you normally would have, if you wouldn’t be exercising or eating less. So be patient with yourself, and embrace all of the wonderful GOOD things that you are accomplishing. We can often be so hard on ourselves and so critical of the things we do and accomplish. Stop looking at the bad and look at all you HAVE accomplished. That will not only let you feel better about things but also push you to keep going !!! 😀

    • Very wise words, Elise! You’re such fantastic support. 🙂

      In that post I wrote, I meant that one should not expect weight loss when you are reducing your binges from daily to even once a week because as long as you are still binging, more calories are still being eaten than your body needs. At the time, I was frustrated about not losing any weight despite significantly cutting down on my binges, when my progress was actually in the form of slower weight gain. Right now, however, I’m eating at my maintenance level of calories, so combined with exercise, you’d think my weight would at least stay the same. But you could still be right in that my body just needs longer to adjust.

      • Just try to be patient and see if things balance out. My guess is that it will in time. Your body is just probably delaying a bit. But the most important thing is if you FEEL better and healthier. That really is the most important thing.

        You are so welcome and YOU are a huge support and motivation for me! So thank YOU!

  2. Good job Kristen! You can be so proud of yourself. To me this sounds like a huge success but I am too always a bit stricter with myself than others might be with me. Your honesty is really admirable!

    • Thanks Martina! I remember this moment in counseling when I was struggling with self-blame over my eating disorder (I still haven’t been able to overcome this actually) when my counselor said, “Imagine that your best friend has an eating disorder. She blames herself for having an eating disorder and hates herself for it. She thinks it’s all her fault and she’s a failure for letting it happen. What would you say to her?” My response was “Of course it’s not your fault. No one ever asks for a mental illness or deserves to have one.”

      My counselor then asked, “So why can’t you say that to yourself?” And I just couldn’t. I couldn’t forgive myself, let alone accept that I didn’t have anything to forgive myself for. It’s weird how we’re able to forgive and accept others more readily than ourselves.

  3. Awesome work, Kristen! It’s all progress 🙂 Water weight and body cycles definitely come into the number on the scale, so try not to be discouraged. Just keep on trucking!

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